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  Network Management  
Wide Area Networking and Managed Security Solutions
A reliable, available, scalable and security-rich network infrastructure is a prerequisite for virtually all of today's healthcare processes. But it's not an easy task, and can take time and expertise your IT staff simply may not have.

The Internet lets you connect and communicate across your organization as well as with your customers. But it also opens your network up to unwanted visitors looking to manipulate your assets for profit, revenge, or just for fun. Pharmacy Safeguard VPN (Virtual Private Network) and Firewall Managed Security Service gives you the power to keep these hackers, malicious users and other cyber-criminals at bay. Pharmacy Safeguard VPN and Firewall Managed Security Service is a fully integrated solution that combines VPN and Firewall security with around the clock monitoring and support. Customers can connect multiple business locations via encrypted, site-to-site VPN tunnels over the Internet and secure each location with advanced firewall protection to create the ultimate security package.

Pharmacy Safeguard can help you integrate substantially all of the tasks involved in a network implementation, from procurement through project management, so you end up with a more efficient, cost-effective, proven solution --- rapidly. Our Internet security is designed to complement and enhance your own security measures.

With Pharmacy Safeguard VPN and Firewall Managed Security Solutions you can rest at ease knowing that your network is protected 24-hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Pharmacy Safeguard Security Service Description
VPN (Virtual Private Network) Secure, private communications over the public Internet. Both site-to-site and remote user VPN services are available.

Managed Firewall Security service offers the highest level of firewall security and management to protect your network from unauthorized access.
Features and Benefits
24x7 Security Management No need to recruit, hire, and train expensive security experts or expand hours of existing staff. No need to invest in capital infrastructure. Pharmacy Safeguard VPN and Firewall Security Management prevents unauthorized access to your internal networks so you can operate in a secure network environment. This security measure provides greater network autonomy for your critical business operations. And these services are completely managed by Pharmacy Safeguard Security Engineers, so you can focus on your core business competencies without the worry of compromising sensitive data.

 System Configuration and Set up
 Hardware maintenance and support
 Patches and Firmware Upgrades
 Configuration change updates
 Service monitoring and support

Pharmacy Safeguard security included firewalls provide the ultimate total security platform for office deployments, at no additional cost. The firewall scales to protect your investment as your organization grows, allowing you to add features and functionality when your network needs them.

 Stateful Packet Inspection
 Market leader in comprehensive Internet security solutions
 ICSA Certified
 Site to Site and Remote Client VPN capability
 One box that can easily expand as your company grows
 Compliant with HIPAA and Other Federal Guidelines for protection of data networks
 Easy to use

Site-to-site VPN - Secure communications between remotes offices or customer sites at a fraction of the cost of leased line or frame relay connections.

Remote Client-to-Site VPN - Increase productivity by allowing mobile workers to access company data on LAN securely over any Internet connection.

Monthly Web-Based Security Reporting - See who has been trying to gain access to you network. Available on-line monthly reports let you customize and enhance your security when and where needed.

State of the art VPN Security Applications - Data sent across the Internet needs to encrypted, or scrambled, so that only authorized users can read it. With Pharmacy Safeguard VPN solutions you will have peace of mind that data is being protected using the strongest security encryption and authentication available.

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