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Offsite Backup
Pharmacy Safeguard Offsite Backup-Rx keeps your data secure no matter what happens.

What would happen if your pharmacy data was lost due to a hard-drive crash, accidental deletion, or an unforeseen catastrophe? What if you began to restore your data from a local backup and found that your full data set was not there? A solid disaster recovery plan can establish a sense of security and keep your pharmacy afloat in the event of an emergency. Pharmacy Safeguard is a leading provider of a fully-managed automated backup solution, providing encrypted offsite data storage and recovery.

  24x7x365 Disaster Recovery Protection
  Fully Automated Solution, Reducing Human Error
  Helps Meet HIPAA Requirements
  Rapid Recovery & Data Restore
  Increased Data Protection From Ransomware Attacks
  Seamless Integration & Professional Support
  Daily E-mail Verification

Why Backup?
... When Randy Windham of Thompson Drugs opened on Friday morning he noticed his server wasn't running. Closer inspection revealed a total hard- drive failure. His initial reaction was to phone his dispensing system software provider, who responded that the earliest they could look at the problem was Monday. Randy then contacted the Pharmacy Safeguard Offsite Backup Team. Pharmacy Safeguard built Randy a new server, restoring his data from the offsite backup and shipped it out the same day via Fed Ex. Thompsons was running at full service Saturday. (Overnight server delivery requires prior arrangements)
How It Works
Our software runs on your network behind the scenes. At a predetermined time during off-hours, it compresses, encrypts and sends your data to a remote datacenter via secure connection.
During the install we access your server remotely for a short period of time. Your data is then securely backed up each night, and we manage it from our side without disturbing your operation.
Secure Infrastructure
All data is transported via secure connection to a remote datacenter. The data is encrypted while en-route. The datacenter features highly restricted access controls, dry fire protection, backup power and redundant data service.

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